Abbey was 5 years old and was displaying regressive behaviours after contact visits with her father. Abbey disclosed her father had been sexually assaulting her.

After Abbey disclosed I contacted the department of child safety and police. (There was already a State violence order in place but the family court still gave weekend contact between the father and Abbey). Abbey was interviewed by Child Safety and she disclosed. Child safety substantiated that Abbey was at risk of sexual harm and the most likely person to have caused the harm was the father.

The family court made an order that an “expert” assess the case. The ICL arranged for this assessment to take place and choose the expert she would prefer. (It was later discovered that the “expert” was not an expert in child sexual abuse or domestic violence).

During the interview with the court expert it became evident that the ICL had not provided him the documentation from Child Safety that substantiated risk of harm for Abbey.

After several emails to the ICL requesting she provide this crucial evidence to the “expert” I had to take this issue to the appeal court.

I cant understand why I had to fight so hard to get evidence from the State statutory body before the family court and other people assessing the case. It should have been a no brainer for the ICL to put the correct evidence before the court and keep Abbey safe.

The ICL had a meeting with me an my solicitor, at which she asked me to destroy my evidence, withhold and destroy counselling notes that proved the father’s admissions of child sexual assault.

The ICL got away with removing primary evidence, manipulating the evidence as well as inventing evidence. She created body of evidence and ignored the fathers behaviours that were on the sexual offenders cycle including grooming, fantasy, entrapment, acting out and blaming.

The ICL unilaterally withheld the evidence and told people to destroy evidence.

The family court had a complete tolerance of wrong behaviours by the ICL including removing evidence, and pressuring me to destroy vital evidence. They allowed her to continue her role despite influencing a witness and evidence.

“The family court was happy to allow the evidence tampering and ignored my application to dismiss the ICL. This was despite the evidence presented to the court”.

When the “expert” handed down the report, recommended that Abbey should be removed from my care and live with the father. (The report also stated that I was no risk to Abbey) He also made the recommendation That I not see the report until after Abbey was removed from me.

“I had no idea that a court hearing had even taken place, the school rang me and told me that they had a court order that the ICL was there to pick Abbey up and take her to the fathers residence”.

I was totally helpless, there was nothing I could do, I was not allowed to say goodbye to Abbey or see Abbey for 3 months, after the 3 months I was only allowed to see her supervised for 2 hours every week.

I notified Child Safety after Abbey was removed and they told me that once the family court was involved they would not intervene, this was upsetting as they substantiated that Abbey was at risk with her father then left threw her to to wolf.

I feel Abbey was punished for telling people what happened to her, and she has to live with the same person who she disclosed sexual harmed her.

I have spent over 200,000 dollars I have lost my career and my daughter. Abbey is still fearful of her father and she has to live with him and his controlling ways. She is still being abused and there is nothing I can do about it.