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Q1. Stress is bad for you and damaging to your health.

*         Stress is adaptive

*         Can be positive for your help

*         It’s our perception of stress that determines whether it has a positive or negative impact on us

Q2. People are born with anxiety

*         People are not born with anxiety

*         Genetic vulnerabilities exist

*         Many develop symptoms of anxiety with no family history

Anxiety becomes a problem when it is pervasive and persistent where worry/fear that inhibits daily functioning, is difficult to control, and is intrusive causing one to constantly be in fight or flight mode. If anxiety is causing you difficulty seek help and try and find ways to keep your automatic nervous system maintain homeostasis. Finding activities such as mindfulness where the parasympathetic system can help you restore the rest your body requires to maintain homeostasis.

Kelly McGonigal How to make stress your Friend


Going through adversity is a stressful experience for all the family, friends, workplace, school, and community. You are not alone, you are worthy and will make it through this season. Keep your conscience in peace and joy in your heart whilst going through this process in order to stay strong for yourself and your children. Reach out to those who are experienced in this area and understand what you are going through and don’t give up.

When we are stressed/anxious our breathing changes. We over breathe, this leads to anxious sensations, restlessness, increased fatigue, apprehension, and worry. Breathing helps us turn off the fight or flight response and re-establishes Oxygen and CO2 balance in the body.

Quick Breathing Exercise

  • Place on hand on your chest one on your stomach
  • Hand on chest should remain stationary
  • Breathe through your nose not your mouth
  • Breathe in for 3
  • Hold for 2
  • Exhale for 3
  • Repeat x 3-6 times!

Coping with Stress Response Dr Laurel Morris

A quick calming technique for stressful or anxiety provoking situations

Step 1 – Mentally detach from the situation and smile to yourself.

Step 2 – Think to yourself: “Clear head, calm body”

Step 3 –Take in one, slow, deep breath

Step 4 – As you breathe out, relax your body

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