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We believe we all need someone to talk to, to listen to, to share with and be a comfort to those in times of need. A listening ear is sometimes all that is needed. A hand on a shoulder and someone on your side can give you the strength that is required.

We are here to listen and want to hear your story. We know there are so many of you that have hidden stories, episodes that have happened in your life that only you know about and have never shared. Your life, your story is important and your voice matters. If you would like to share your story with us you can write to us. If you would like to speak with us anonymously no identifying information will ever be discussed or revealed. Your story, your voice may bring comfort or hope to others, or may add to the voices of many others who together can join to become one about the issues that have been hidden for too long in our society.

We know that together our voices can stand up for those who currently have no voice and are not being heard.

Tell us your story today. No identifying data is required. If you would like your story to be aired with no identifying information and would like to discuss your experiences please note this in your email.

Email: contact@bethere.org.au

Be There radio is a platform where you are able to share your stories. Be There radio is not a crisis centre but are also here to encourage you to reach out and get support if you in a situation where you are or your children are in danger or need to talk to someone if you are feeling distressed. If you need to talk to someone about your concerns contact:

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